Creative Model Photography On A Budget


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Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

Strategies & Blueprints for the creation of powerful and appealing portfolio images in an inexpensive way. 

feat. Canadian Art Nude Model Hanna & Czech Mocel Nikolart

All showcases are shot with speedlights only. But besides the simplified tech aspects, “on a budget” also means dealing with (no) studio rental fee, concepts for shooting at home, DIY gear solutions, and – of course – low/no model fees and minimized post-production work!

Dan Hostettler identifies photo styles that allow you to work with your partner/wife/friends, newcomers, and even with models on a TFP basis for specific concepts. You comprehensively learn everything about simple concept creations, lighting setups, posing approaches, and even which concepts can potentially be used to earn money!

Explore, easily follow step-by-step and replicate real-world instructions by applying low-cost shoot strategies without relinquishing your creativity.

Topics, Dan’s Methods, Training

  • Creative Styles for Classic Art/Figurative Nudes, Experimental Nudes, Artistic Nudes, Glam Nudes, Portraits Nudes
  • Building The Shoot: Every Showcase is broken down into Idea Development, Concept Creation, Lighting Design, 3D Lighting Setup, Posing Aspects, Specific Specialities, and Post-Processing
  • Model Fees: Concepts for Shoots with Friends/Partner/Wife, Newcomers, and Semi-Pro/Models (incl. TFP)
  • Posing: From Depicting To Effective, Simple Ideas, Inspiration & Trades
  • 1-Light, 2-Light, 3-Light Setups, incl. 2D Set Plans
  • Premium 3D Lighting Illustrations
  • Simplified Tech: Speedlight Only (incl. Reflectors, Modifiers, etc.)
  • Full Equipment Lists for Beginners & Pros
  • Lighting: Quality, Direction, Characteristics Choice, Shadow Quality & Manipulation, and more
  • Lighting: How to Sculpt Shadows, Shadow Cast, Shadow Shapes & Shadow Patterns
  • For Any Indoor Location
  • How To Shoot In Minimal Space/Your Home But Still Get Astonishing Results
  • Minimal Post-Production Work Strategies
  • For Starters to Pros, incl. “Complexity Level Indicator” + “Making Money Advisor”
  • 12 All-Inclusive Creative Showcases with Art Nude Models. Hanna, CAN & Nikola, CEZ
  • · High-Quality Nude Pictorials in Theory Part and Showcases
  • SPECIAL: Economics! The ‘Shooting Turnover’ Formula
  • SPECIAL: How To Work with V-Flats/Where to Buy
  • SPECIAL: How To Shoot With A Video Projector

What You Will Get

  • 350 Pages strong eWorkbook (PDF)
  • Practical Knowledge Part: Dan’s Insights & Recommendations
  • Showcase Part: 12 All-Inclusive Creative Blueprints
  • Over 300 Tasteful Artistic Nude Images
  • Over 650 Behind The Scenes & Illustrative Images
  • Over 100 Premium 3D Illustrations
  • 12 Light Pattern Analyses & 2D Set Plans
  • 2 Art Nude Models: Hanna (CAN) & Nikola (CEZ)
  • BONUS 1: 12 Digital Negatives
  • BONUS 2: 11 3D Lighting Sets for immediate use with set.a.light.3D
  • BONUS 3: 12 Image Look Recipes for immediate use with free Google Nik Collection Photo Software
  • BONUS 4: 5 Projector Patterns used for this book

Premium Bonus Package

  • 12 RAW Files (1 per set)
  • 12 Image Look Recipes used in this book. For immediate use with free Google Nik Collection Photo Software
  • 11 3D Lighting Sets for immediate use with set.a.light.3D
  • 5 Projector Patterns used in this book

Immediate PDF Download (this is a digital product)

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350 Pages
Bonus: 11x 3D Light Set Files (.set)
3 MB (ZIP)
Bonus: 12x RAW Files (DNG)
395 MB (ZIP)
Bonus: Image Look Presets (NIK)
300 KB (ZIP)
Bonus: Video Projector Patterns (JPG)
17 MB (ZIP)
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Creative Model Photography On A Budget

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