Contemporary Allure: Spicy Portrait Photography - Video Tutorial (Live Shoot Replay Discounted)

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Portrait Nudes @Home -
Tempting & Striking, Fresh & Free, B&W, Silky & Glam

Contemporary Allure and is about creating different moods/stories/emotions by creating emotive situations, just like the genre of portraiture is intended to do.

You don’t need hundreds of square meters (i.e., big studio) for creating emotive, storytelling sexy portraiture. A little corner for building a neat scene is enough for creating meaningful, lovely and appreciated portraits.

For this shoot Dan shot in his very own, private flat with the intention of showcasing how to work in limited spaces. You will see that it is more than doable.

  • Glam Model Nici Dee
  • Set 1A: Contemporary Look: Soft
  • Set 1B: Contemporary Look: Fresh
  • Set 2: B&W Spark: DIVA
  • Set 3: Silky Glam
  • Concepts, Observation, Instructions & Results
  • 1-/ 3-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Speedlights Only!
  • Shooting in tight spaces
  • Comparison of shooting with a pro camera against a consumer camera
  • Inspiration about how to start shooting for private assignments
  • Simple, Effective Posing & Expressions, Easy to Adapt
  • All Shooting Concepts can be Recreated with Your Partner/Wife, Beginner to Pro Models
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…
  • 5 Films
  • 110 min Total Runtime
  • FullHD: 1080p for all Android tablets & phones, all iProducts, PC & Mac

incl. eBook 'Shooting Notes' => if you BUY the tutorial

  • 2D Set Plans
  • Contact Sheets
  • Enhanced Imagery (Results)
  • Cheat Sheet per Look
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Portrait Nudes @Home: Emotive storytelling for sexy portraiture in limited spaces. Learn how to create a Contemporary Look, B&W Hollywood Diva and a spiced up Glam Jam. Speedlights only!

1080p (FullHD)
110 minutes
Shooting eNotebook

Contemporary Allure: Spicy Portrait Photography - Video Tutorial (Live Shoot Replay Discounted)

I want this!