Dramatic Lighting with Playboy Centerfold Coxy

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Dramatic Lighting with Playboy Centerfold Coxy

StudioPrague | Model Photography Education

This lighting guide is the first comprehensive and intuitive photo lighting guide with visualized 3D setups, full gear description and lighting diagrams showing 5 different, tasteful sexy scenarios with Playmate Centerfold Coxy Dominika.

Drama light does not mean to create dusky sceneries but rather working with well-chosen light areas and corresponding accents.

- Pages: 105
- Over 70 key visuals & descriptions in 3D
- 36 tasteful nude images in 5 sets
- 5 lighting plans (2D) for replicating situations in your studio
- Over 30 behind the scenes & illustrative images
- Lighting setups for 1, 2 & 3 lights
- All technical parameters used during the shoots
- Nudity: Yes

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113 pages